Harris from arguing that the agreement is invalid here.

10.12 A part-time employee who has worked on any day the number of hours agreed under clause 10.4 may agree to work additional hours on that day on the terms applicable to a casual employee. An agreement to work additional hours must be in writing. (b) employees covered by a modern enterprise award or an…

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Multiple agreement in Archi and other languages.

With billions at stake, a lot of guys don’t want to see that drawdown happen. When we look at the uptick in share price needed to offset a drawdown, drawdowns can actually be risky for investors. For example, a 1% stock loss only needs a 1.01% rise to recover to its previous peak, but a…

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This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state.

Most owners are happy when a below-market rent-stabilized or rent-controlled tenant surrenders possession. However, when the rent is above or near the market rent, a vacant apartment can remain empty for a long time without any rent being paid. So, owners should be careful that they do not release tenants from the balance of the…

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The Agreement is open for ordering by the DON.

The car sale agreement that you will sign at a car dealership is much more complex, particularly when you are financing the purchase of a new car. You may feel overwhelmed by the documents length and all the fine print. However, these contracts are not as difficult to understand as they may at first seem….

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Prenuptial agreements are known as financial agreements.

In recent months, the Appellate Division, First Department, released several decisions relating to general releases which, separately and together, instruct a cautionary tale. In June 2011, the parties reached an agreement to settle all their disputes. Accordingly, plaintiff, defendants, KOM, and CMIA Capital entered into a settlement agreement, along with certain nonparties to this appeal….

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Mills Not all businesses need employment agreements.

The option to renew is often conditional and subject to pre-conditions. Conditional in the sense that the drafting might state that the option to renew doesnt arise if the tenant isnt up to date with its rent for example; and subject to pre-conditions in that the drafting might require the tenant to serve a “notice…

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